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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: A Brief History of the Modern UFO/UAP Phenomenon

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Top 14 UFO Cases Over the Past 72 Years

Video from Chris Lehto

A Brief History of the Modern UFO/UAP Phenomenon

"Dec 23, 2022

Not only is NASA seriously investigating UFOs, or "UAPs," but a new U.S. law for 2023, NDAA 2023, dramatically expands the authority and scope of UAP investigation. How much evidence could there be squirreled away in government files to find? Here is a list of 14 notable cases in chronological order: (1) July 8th 1947 - , Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating that they had recovered a "flying disc". The Army quickly retracted the statement and said instead that the crashed object was a conventional weather baloon. On 7th August 1947 Jesse Marcel was pictured at Fort Worth Army-Air Force -- Brig. General Roger Ramey, left, holding telegram, and Col. Thomas J. DuBose looking over wind-forecasting device from Roswell claiming that the debris was in fact just a weather balloon.

(2) Gordon Cooper, Jr. born 1927, Cooper was very vocal about his belief in the existence of UFOs, so convinced that UFOs were deserving of serious study that he testified on the topic before the United Nations in 1978. 3) Ex-US Air Force First lieutenant Robert Jacobs alleged a craft, resembling a flying saucer, circled the dummy warhead during a test flight in California, during 1964. (4) The Westall UFO incident: In 1966 Westall, Victoria, Australia, According to witness accounts, a large, unidentified flying object descended into a nearby grassy field, and several students and teachers at a nearby school reported seeing the thing and strange, humanoid figures near the site. (5) The Nuclear Event at Malmstrom: In 1967, Robert Salas, a U.S. Air Force officer, claimed that a "hovering orange fireball" at the gate knocked all ten nuclear missiles offline! Salas has been holding a press conference in Washington every five years since. Rep Gallagher put Salas's account into the U.S. congressional record summer of 2022. (6)The Rendlesham Forest Incident: 1980. The Rendlesham UFO event, also known as the "British Roswell," refers to a series of reported UFO sightings near a U.S./ British military base in Suffolk, England. One of the key witnesses to the events was John Burroughs, a U.S. Air Force security officer. According to his testimony, he and several other airmen observed strange lights in the sky and even encountered a glowing, metallic ship on the ground. (7) The Belgian UFO wave began in November 1989. Reports were filed, most many weeks after the events. Many of the reports related a large object flying at low altitude. Some reports also stated that the craft was of a flat, triangular shape, with lights underneath. (8) On September 16, 1994, there was a UFO sighting outside Ruwa, Zimbabwe. 62 pupils at the Ariel School aged between six and twelve claimed that they saw one or more silver craft descend from the sky and land on a field near their school (9) The Varginha UFO incident: James Fox great documentary "Moment of Contact" -in 1996 Varginha, Brazil. According to media reports, a creature was first sighted by three sisters ranging from 14 to 22 years old. (10) The Phoenix Lights - March 13, 1997 at 7:55 pm MST, a witness in Henderson, Nevada reported seeing a large, V-shaped object traveling southeast. At 8:15 pm, an unidentified former police officer in Paulden, Nevada reported seeing a cluster of reddish-orange lights disappear over the southern horizon. Shortly afterwards, there were reports of lights seen over the Prescott Valley. It is one of largest mass sightings in modern history. (11) Turkey UFO incident. In the summers of 2007, 2008, and 2009, a security guard Yalcin Yilmaz, filmed strange lights and what appeared to be metallic flying saucers. (12) The Nimitz- November 2004 (13) The Gimbal Case: In 2014, a box-orb UFO was seen "daily" by Navy F-18 pilots after a new radar upgrade. The sightings, one captured on video as "The Gimbal" video, have been the subject of much debate and speculation, with some experts claiming that it was caused by "glare." (14) Catalina islands in 2019 - Drone swarms by the Navy" from the video introduction

The learning curve is very steep for this subject. And most people have very little interest in this aspect of our reality. Yet if you are interested as I am in "God's World" and all that He has created then this is a very intriguing if not vital part of reality. If we accept that a part of "The Phenomenon" is Demonic then we should be aware of what is taking place in our environment.

This part of our reality seems to be tangled up in the sin of man and the corruption of the world.

The ongoing narrative that our government/military, as well as other governments have been and are seeking to militarize the phenomenon itself (manipulate the entities?) or utilize any hardware they have may or may not be true. Or it may be partially true.

The historical record of men trying to manipulate dark unseen forces to their detriment should be a warning for us today but its not. I present to you these videos by very reputable researchers to help educate you. - Andy

Make sure to completely read this December 24, 2022 article by Christopher Mellon!

Unprecedented UAP Legislation - December 24,2022 by Christopher Mellon

"Unbeknownst to most Americans, President Biden just signed into law far-reaching legislation that could soon confirm the existence of an alien presence on earth. The relevant provisions, incorporated into legislation needed to provide funding for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC), enjoys strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. This is arguably the biggest story mainstream news organizations have ever failed to cover. Among other things, this new legislation:

  1. Provides greatly enhanced authorities and resources for the ‘All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office’ or ‘(AARO),’ which now reports directly to the leaders of the Defense Department and the Intelligence Community. The organization’s unusual name is intended to clarify that its purview extends to anomalous objects regardless of their location (i.e. land, air, undersea, or space).

  2. Mandates a review of all intelligence documents involving UAP from 1945 to the present.

  3. Requires DoD, DHS, and the IC to identify any non-disclosure agreements related to UAP and provide those to the new AARO office.

  4. Directs the new AARO office to develop a UAP science plan to assess the sometimes mysterious and mind-bending capabilities being reported as well as a collection plan to leverage America’s vast technical intelligence apparatus to determine where these objects are coming from and their capabilities and intent. This aggressive UAP investigation, using America’s unparalleled intelligence capabilities, is what I hoped to accomplish when I brought the famous DoD UAP videos (“Gimbal” and “Flir”) and Lue Elizondo to the NYT and the oversight committees on Capitol Hill in December, 2017. Recall that Mr. Elizondo had just resigned his position on the staff of the Secretary of Defense in protest over DoD inaction in the face of innumerable violations of restricted DoD airspace by UAP.

  5. Provides a secure process for anyone who has signed an official US government secrecy agreement related to UAP to come forward and reveal that information to AARO and to Congress, regardless of the level of classification, without fear of retribution or prosecution. This provision is intended to determine the veracity of longstanding allegations indicating that the US government has recovered extraterrestrial technology and perhaps even extraterrestrial beings. The alleged UAP crash in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, offers the most famous example, but there are many others. For example, in his new book Trinity: The Best Kept Secret, the renowned writer, scientist and venture capitalist Dr. Jacques Vallee surfaces a new case of alleged ET spacecraft recovery operations.

The historical intelligence document review, and the review of government secrecy agreements, should be completed over the next 18 months. That process alone could validate claims the US government has been concealing proof of an extraterrestrial presence near earth. If it seems unbelievable that Congress would pass such legislation, it is only because of the paucity of reporting on the facts that caused members of both parties in Congress to join together to pass these provisions.." from the article: Unprecedented UAP Legislation

"Christopher Mellon spent nearly 20 years in the U.S. Intelligence Community, including serving as the Minority Staff Director of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. In the Senate, he conceived and drafted the legislation establishing the US Special Operations Command in 1986 while working as an aide for U.S. Senator William S. Cohen (R-ME).

He has taught at Georgetown University, authored a number of articles on public policy issues, and received numerous awards including the National Reconnaissance Office Gold Medal, the DIA Director’s Medal, and the Secretary of Defense Public Service Award. Mr. Mellon has also served as the Chairman of the Science Committee at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

He earned his B.A. from Colby College and his M.A. from Yale University. Since retiring from federal service Mr. Mellon has been working as a private equity investor engaged in biotech and information technology start-ups. He also appears in the History Channel TV series UNIDENTIFIED, and plays a prominent role in the movie “The Phenomenon." from his website:

UFO & UAP 'Need to Know' News Documentary with Coulthart & Zabel

Video from 7NEWSSpotlight

"The world is watching as the US Congress looks into the UAP phenomenon. Here, veteran investigative journalists Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel break down the news, and speak with credible experts and insiders." from video introduction

Ross Coulthart Biography

"Multi-award-winning investigative journalist with over three decades experience in newspapers and television, including reporting for The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, ABC TV Four Corners, Nine Network Sunday program and 60 Minutes, Seven Network Sunday Night. Five times winner of Australia’s national journalism prize – the Walkley Award – including the highest award, the Gold Walkley. Winner of a Logie, Australian TV’s top prize (for best public affairs TV reporting), and winner of a New York Film Festival Gold Medal for international investigative journalism.." from his website:

Bryce H. Zabel (born May 17, 1954) is an American television producer, director, writer, and occasional actor. With hundreds of hours of produced film and television credits, Zabel has scripted a trio of mini-series which aired in the U.S. market and were distributed worldwide. They include the medical thriller Pandemic (2007, Hallmark), the pirate adventure Blackbeard (2006, Hallmark), and the disaster epic The Poseidon Adventure (2005, NBC)." from wikipedia

Check out his website:


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