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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Creatures of The Blue Elephant & The Blue Lotus

Updated: Apr 14

Are DMT Entities Dangerous and What did the Ancient Egyptians Know?

Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Creatures of The Blue Elephant & The Blue Lotus

"Unlike Pharaoh Akhenaten's "Blue Lotus", Egyptian authorities in the 21st Century say a modern-day pill called The Blue Elephant is a dangerous type of Dimethyltryptamine, that can lead to madness and worse. People who experience it say they travel to a world filled with strange entities. But where is this world and what are these entities? Can quantum mechanics help us understand? And is DMT really as safe as everyone says it is?" from the video introduction.

Creatures of The Blue Elephant & The Blue Lotus

The question is does drugs like DMT and Ayahuasca lift "The Veil" or removes the scales from our eyes, that prevents us from seeing the spiritual realms which no doubt contains many dimensions?

DMT Insights

"DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is probably the most powerful hallucinogen known to humans. It is known for producing psychedelic experiences of the highest order – from encounters with benevolent beings and alien worlds, to nightmarish journeys into the depths of one’s own psyche, all in vivid color and detail. It can and does kill people, it is dangerous so do not run out and get some!

"The Phenomenon" has a steep learning curve but there are now more reliable researchers than ever before. there is of course to be found much truth amid much ambiguity or deception. But like human consciousness do we have the cognitive ability to ever comprehend it? Is this drug actually a dimension opening substance? And if so how could we ever trust these non huma entities? We are no doubt playing with fire.

Just as we cannot control the circumstances surrounding Abductions by aliens we cannot control anything to do with this drug.

The videos and articles presented here provide a wide variety of speculation. there are no hard facts other than we know some of the chemical properties of the drug. There are incidents within these drug induced trips that if real indicate these entities do not have our best interest in mind.

Be open minded and consider the possibilities of what reality might actually be. God has laid it out for us in the Bible yet we refuse to accept it. We want to make it up as we go and we pursue things that are often evil and forbidden. Enjoy - Andy

The DMT Experiences

Users of DMT report being thrust into another dimension of reality, which they sometimes describe as “more real than real”. The experience is accompanied by intense visuals and brightly colored patterns, often fractal in their nature. Many people experience contact with otherworldly intelligent entities, and report having deep spiritual experiences – even people who were not previously spiritually inclined. Many come back with profound realizations about themselves and the nature of reality. For these reasons, DMT has been nicknamed “the spirit molecule” and has gained quite a mythos around it.


DMT is also the main active ingredient in the shamanic plant brew Ayahuasca. The ritual of Ayahuasca has recently become popular in the West, although it has been practiced by the native tribes of the Amazon for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Ayahuasca has been used to overcome deep trauma, heal mental illness like depression and PTSD, successfully cure alcoholism and drug addiction, and have transcendent spiritual experiences. Hundreds of people every day travel to the Amazonian rainforest of Peru to experience the transformational effects of this visionary brew.

It is not uncommon to hear that taking DMT or drinking Ayahuasca has changed someone’s life..." from the article: DMT Insights

There is the possibility that the so-called "DMT" entities are some of the very same entities that are now frequently encountered by a wide variety of people around the world on a daily basis. Many people still are fearful of talking about their experiences.

There is also good evidence that people have been killed (and healed: The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials by Preston Dennett) in their encounters with purported "aliens" and other entities.

Are Extra-Terrestrials Healing Us? - Preston Dennett

Video from Geraldine Orozco

"WisdomCon 2021 - The Embodiment of Wisdom September 24-26, 2021" from video introduction

They're Mapping the DMT Realm?? - Joe Rogan & Graham Hancock

Video from JRE Clips

DMT DOCUMENTARY (the spirit molecule)

Video from Dreaming Jaguars

"We shot this short documentary about the DMT extended state research pioneered by and featuring the brilliant Dr Andrew Gallimore. The film also features the unquestionable genius of Pascal Immanuel Michael of Greenwich University. This research is now underway at Imperial College London and will undoubtably bring to the fore new and exciting questions and answers regarding this magical compound. The film outlines the science and development of the protocol for the Intravenous infusion of DMT. In true Dreaming jaguars style Justin and I throw in some wild speculation and make the whole visual experience as pleasing as we can for the viewers. The true magic comes from Dr Gallimore and Pascal!! These guys are titans in this field of study and this piece is really an homage to their ideas and their genius!!!! We can not thank you enough for your time and we very much look forward to working with you again in the future x A special mention to Dr Rick Strassman author of DMT the spirit molecule without whom we would not be on this journey x" from video introduction

What are the DMT entities?

What are the DMT entities? They are the mysterious phenomena that DMT smokers and imbibers of entheogenic brew ayahuasca experience with incredible frequency. They are a constant source of fascination among those that enter the DMT realm, by whichever means; yet definitive conclusions about their nature are currently in short supply.

Depending on your perspective on reality in general, you might be inclined to put DMT entity experiences down to heightened imagination or hallucinations, but great numbers of people seem to consider the entities ‘real’ in the usual sense of the word. We wrote an article addressing the topic of whether the DMT entities are real for those wishing to explore this further.

The nature of the DMT entities

When you consider the range of differences in the human psyche and intentions, it is easy to imagine that hyper-dimensional beings might have a similar level of diversity. Much anecdotal evidence suggests that experiences with DMT entities can vary dramatically; some appear to be overtly benign, whereas some proffer warnings and admonishments.

Subjective as the interpretations will naturally be, there are plenty of accounts of sinister and even terrifying energies. Graham Hancock has spoken of meeting DMT realm entities exuding a sense of malicious intent. Like Carlos Castaneda and philosopher George Gurdjieff, he shares the perspective that there are negative entities (perhaps to be considered demons) in hyperspace that intend to ‘hoodwink’ us. Conversely, there are vast numbers of people conveying blissful, heart-opening entity encounters. The unpredictable and often polarised nature of these encounters seems to indicate that entities' intentions vary.

Those who wish to explore this topic further may appreciate the academic papers of Dr. David Luke of University of Greenwich, who has done extensive research into the topic. His papers on Discarnate Entities and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT): Psychopharmacology, Phenomenology and Ontology and Disembodied Eyes Revisited: An investigation into the Ontology of Entheogenic Entity Encounters will undoubtedly be of particular interest.." from the website: DMT Times

Altered States Trailer (1980) Ken Russell Movie


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Wow, a very cool article, I really liked it, it has everything I love about this mystification, it's well-written texts, the reader is already immersed in all the events, without anyone's help. I have always been fascinated by stories about Dracula, all kinds of werewolves, aliens, and some other fears, but for some reason I was indifferent to them. But when I see pictures of gnomes, it's like an electric shock, I don't even know why I have such a reaction, compared to all the other creatures listed, they are so kind from the outside, but this reaction to them raises a lot of questions for me. Maybe some people have the same reaction to something really scary, but to…

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