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Exploring the Connection Between Spiritual Warfare and Portals in the Paranormal Realm

Updated: Apr 14

Exploring the Connection Between Spiritual Warfare and Portals in the Paranormal Realm

Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth

Video from NASA Video

A NASA-sponsored researcher at the University of Iowa has developed a way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals in the vicinity of Earth. These gateways link the magnetic field of our planet to that of the sun, setting the stage for stormy space weather.

The Reality of "Portals"

Portals - What Are They?

Video from Scott Carpenter

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Scott Carpenter has a lot of experience out in the field looking for Sasquatch and other cryptids.

Scott Carpenter's Theory About Portals

"..So I'm going to come at this from a biblical standpoint I know you're shocked but that's what I'm going to do, but it's scientifically based as well because it's you know it's what they're I guess what it is it's the findings are all the same it's just how. To explain it scientists will explain it but not the non-spiritual, there is no such thing as God. I'll explain it with well you know God did it so you know the age-old argument so uh basically in my studies.

There's one lady that that came out of this mind control program and she escaped it and one of the things she talked about was they they taught the girls or the children how to acoustically, through a song in the right frequency open these portals.

Apparently the portals are opened by frequency, by sound, by song and you hit the right notes and you can open a portal. How you direct the end and where it comes out I don't know but they seem to be able to control them.

So sasquatch have that ability so other beings now according to her there are two types of portals there are portals that transverse the surface of the earth that transports you from point a to point b and then there are portals that ascend heavenly.

Now the portals that go up to heaven into the throne room are guarded by angels and you know only you know only those authorized can pass. It talks about Satan going up to present himself with the angels in front of God and obviously the angels that guard the gate allow him to pass. There are portals that traverse the earth and god put him (Satan) here he created him as part of the part of the system and these portals originally were meant for us you know originally. We were given dominion over the earth and in Satan through the fall and through trickery and through his basically manipulating the system illegally God's rule. He basically tricked and or took this dominion away from people and claimed it for himself and his fallen angels. So you know they basically exercise dominion over these portals or some of them. Now it seems to be that these portals are the wild wild west in other words there's a multitude of beings, fallen angels, Nephilim demonic beings and humans (whether they're satanically controlled humans or whatever) that can access these portals and open. But once you enter one of these portals you don't know what you're going to need on the other side where it goes.." from the video transcript.

An Empty World, A Time Traveler, Another Dimension | Liminal Spaces: The Reality In-Between

Video from The Why Files

"In the past year or so, three internet mysteries popped up that really got my attention. They may seem very different, but trust me, they're connected. The first one is about a girl who found a door in the basement of her AirBnB. She opened it and inside was an abandoned shopping mall. The second story is about Javier aka Unico Sobreviviente, who woke up in a hospital in the year 2027, in an alternate universe. In his version of the future -- everyone on earth has vanished. He's the only one left, and he has video to prove it. The third mystery is known as the Backdoors. A reality adjacent to ours that, if the conditions are just right, you can accidentally slip into. Then you find yourself lost in an endless maze of dingy carpet, fluorescent light, and yellow wallpaper. And around every corner--" from video introduction.

We humans are blinded by our pride and arrogance.

The post modern point of view has excluded the unseen realm, the spiritual powers because it does not fit neatly into our desired conception of the world. The evidence is mounting that what is unseen is more significant that what we see. If we believe in what God's word says in regards to spiritual beings and the Sons of God we must allow for Portals and many other things we have long scoffed at.

Our consciousness is also proving to be fundamental to creation. Will we ever really understand how all of this works? Probably not but we must still inquire and seek answers. - Andy


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