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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: The Smoking Gun of UFO Disclosure? Part 2

Updated: Apr 13

Video from 7NEWS Spotlight

The Smoking Gun of UFO Disclosure? Part 2

"The world is watching as the US Congress looks into the UAP phenomenon. Here, veteran investigative journalists Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel break down the news and speak with credible experts and insiders.

For those of you who aren’t already viewers or listeners to NEED TO KNOW @Need to Know (Coulthart & Zabel) presented by Ross Coulthart and his friend and colleague Bryce Zabel, NEED TO KNOW is a show that gives you the latest news and analysis about what they suspect will soon turn out to be the biggest story ever, the emerging astonishing revelations about UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - what some folk have long called UFOs. As you’ll see, Bryce and Ross think this is a story that needs to be taken very seriously after decades of what we both believe is unjustified stigma and ridicule. UAPs are an authentic mystery that can no longer be denied. Ross and Bryce embarked on a road trip of the US, speaking with credible experts and insiders for this documentary. Hear from Ryan Graves, the former US Navy advanced fighter pilot, whose testimony to Congressmen and Senator in closed door hearings in Congress has been key in waking politicians up to the reality that this phenomenon, whatever it is, is a potential national security threat and a real danger to flight safety. Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell shares insights on secrets he believes the US government is hiding. Ross and Bryce also went UAP hunting with investigator Ben Hansen, in an area renowned for sightings. Ross also sits down for an incredible interview with Professor Garry Nolan. Garry is a Stanford University professor, an internationally renowned immunologist, who has recently been nominated for a Nobel Prize. He’s also been involved in secret work for the CIA investigating illnesses suffered by military and intelligence personnel who’ve had damaging close-up experiences with UAPs. And Bryce's co-creator of TV series 'Dark Skies', Brent Friedman, reveals a bizarre encounter he had, when the show was launched." from video introduction

"Need to Know (#needtoknow) with Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel is a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to the concise analysis of news, research and history related to the UAP/UFO issue, encouraging our audience to make informed decisions about their future. These YouTube videos include bonus visual content. Home: Twitter: @RossCoulthart @BryceZabel Ross is the most widely known investigative news reporter in Australia, winner of numerous journalism awards. He has worked for most broadcasters in Australia and many in the United States. He is the author of "In Plain Sight." Bryce, a former on-air CNN correspondent, has created, written and produced five primetime TV drama series and had multiple films produced. He is the co-author of "A.D. After Disclosure" with Richard Dolan.." from the You Tube Channel

Professional & Reliable UAP Researchers

Now more than ever before there is a growing list of reliable, professional and diverse cadre of UAP researchers. As the world takes notice of the long standing "Phenomenon" of UAPs and the many associated paranormal, supernatural happenings the caliber of those researching and seeking answers has grown tremendously. Start by listening to Richard Dolan, Gary Nolan, Ross Coulthart & Bryce Zabel, Jim Goodall, Michael Schratt, and reading their books and articles. there are many more. - Andy

Some Scientists Want Serious Research into UFOs. Here’s Why

Throughout history, people have spotted mysterious effects or objects in the sky. Some have claimed such “unidentified flying objects,” or UFOs, are alien spaceships. Others have shown that many UFOs have earthly explanations. Some could be aircraft, for example, or atmospheric phenomena. But not all of these mystery effects have been explained. That’s why the U.S. government takes them seriously. And some researchers think the scientific community should, too.

Unexplained sights in the sky are officially known as “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP. On May 17, the U.S. Congress held its first public hearing about UAP in decades. Two U.S. government intelligence officials described efforts to catalog and analyze sightings. Many UFOs have been spotted by military personnel such as pilots. And the U.S. government wants to know if such unexplained phenomena could pose a threat to national security.

At the hearing, Scott Bray shared new details on a government UAP database. Bray is the deputy director of naval intelligence. The database he described contains about 400 UAP sightings from 2004 to 2021. Many of those sightings include images or video. Officials have pegged some of the sightings to sensor issues or other mundane explanations. But there are others that officials “can’t explain,” Bray said.

Bray stressed that nothing in the database “would suggest it’s anything [alien] in origin.” The same goes for UFO sightings investigated by a special government task force.

Ronald Moultrie is the undersecretary of defense for intelligence & security. He and Bray both said “insufficient data” is a barrier to understanding UFOs. “That’s one of the challenges we have,” Moultrie said.

That’s something scientists can help with, say Jacob Haqq Misra and Ravi Kopparapu. These researchers are astrobiologists. They study the potential for life beyond Earth. Haqq Misra works at Blue Marble Space Institute of Science in Seattle, Wash. Kopparapu is based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

NASA also is taking UFOs seriously. On June 9, the U.S. space agency announced it will begin a study of UAP. NASA is putting together a group of scientists and other experts to learn more about UAP.

Science News (the sister publication of Science News for Students) spoke with Haqq Misra and Kopparapu to learn about how and why researchers should help study UAP. Their answers have been edited for clarity.." from the article: Some scientists want serious research into UFOs. Here’s why

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