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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: UAP's , Observing the Anomaly

Episode 1 Observing The Anomaly - WHAT ARE UAP?

Video from Observing The Anomaly

"In this episode which is a snippet of a longer conversation I share some personal anomalous events from my life an then share 3 hypothesis of what UAP might be. SHOW NOTES: I have 3 possible nuts and bolts explanations that don’t revolve around Bob Lazar or zero point energy. Non space-time metric engineering. Compact Fusion Energy and Ionic Propulsion Hypothesis. Sources:" from video introduction


The video below is over an hour long but well worth the investment of time if you are interested. The facts have been out there that "The Phenomenon" and all it includes (not just UFO's) since history has been recorded.

I am becoming more aware that we Post-moderns have been so blinded by scientism and our hubris about our technology that we fail to see what is in front of us.

Just imagine a entity or many entities that have had free reign mainly because we just won't acknowledge or refuse to consider they exist.

Let me try and make an analogy.

Among the many U.S. Special Forces we have is a unit or group of units know loosely as the ISA (Intelligence Security Activity). They do many things but they must do everything and never be seen or acknowledged. ( Here is a video: The ISA: The Highly Secretive Unit Of Elite Soldier Spies )

They move around the world and you and I know nothing about them.

In regards to most peoples skepticism about what ever "The Phenomenon" is, it or they benefit from our apathy and ignorance.

As Christians we know that God's Holy Word has talked about Angels and demons and other entities like the Nephilim and describes them appearing and disappearing. So going in and out of another dimension is not new in human history.

The reality for most of humanity right now is that we have no idea what all of this vast world wide phenomenon is or does. People are clearly being harmed by it and have been for a long time. For the public everything seems to be anecdotal. The probability that the U.S. Government knows what we are dealing with in one way or another is obvious.

For Christians this is not a surprise. The God that created us and everything we see and don't see is capable of creations beyond our understanding." - Andy

Observing The Anomaly - Episode 2: UAP's in History

Video from Observing the Anomaly

"This is a chronological investigation into UAP. Cases range from 1300BC to the 1954. UAP's have been observed in the historical record in ancient times. Some of those are covered as well as cases pre-dating Project Blue Book. Credit to Michai Morin. Not all, but most of the material was taken from his presentation below

The show opens up in 1347BC with Pharaoh Akhenaton observing a shinning disk in the sky.

Michai presents this on Project Unity" from video introduction


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