Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: UAPs/UFOs/UAOs - To Plasma or Not to Plasma!

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British Fighters and Foo Fighters

The web of reality and human sinful natures is always a tangle. We also in our hubris seek to supplant God in every way possible. Our post-modern thinking compartmentalizes all of life and since Science/Scientism cannot empirically prove God we go down whatever rabbit hole fits our current cultural norms.

The fanboy industry surrounding UFOs/Aliens is very profitable and many people sadly are in thrall to the Alien Savior and exotic UFO material media thread. We prefer human solutions to Godly solutions. We also would rather spend our precious time on foolish possibilities instead of helping those around us or reading scripture or in prayer.

Yes the subject is beyond interesting and we are attracted to the concepts and ideas of life from somewhere else. Are they better than us, more moral, not sinners? Can they fix us?

Saviors from the stars is an old idol from our fallen past.

The Serpent dangled the idea in front of Eve and dangles it in front of us as well. Why even bother with God and the Gospel when all we have to do is wait for the Flying Saucer to make a landing?

So I present to you two videos from Professor Simon Holland. If there ever was an incarnation of Dr. Emmet Brown from the movie 'Back to the Future" Professor Holland would fit the bill! Dr. Holland presents some common sense conclusions and provides information we don't see considered elsewhere since it is not highly sensational and does not play into the "pop culture media narrative about UFOS".

So could many but not all of what people see and how they react to approaching aircraft and people be a reaction of Plasma? The British Military in a report released in 2000 seemed to think so or at least that was their official finding.

Project Condign was a secret UFO study of the British Government between 1997 - 2000. The results were called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defense Region. It analyzed 10,000 sightings and reports gathered by the DI55, a section of the Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence (DSTI) within the Defense Intelligence Staff (DIS). Initially only 11 copies were produced. On May 15 2006 following a September 2005 Freedom of Information Act request by UFO researchers Dr David Clarke and Gary Anthony, the documents were made public.

[The report was released into the public domain] (http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20121026065214/http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/FreedomOfInformation/PublicationScheme/SearchPublicationScheme/UapInTheUkAirDefenceRegionExecutiveSummary.htm

"Early in May 2006 we revealed to the world’s media the existence of a secret study of UFOs, codenamed “Condign,” commissioned by the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD). The discovery of the study’s four-volume report, completed in February 2000, was the culmination of almost 18 months of investigative research involving a team of Britain’s most experienced UFO researchers.1 The story made news headlines around the world, but the superficial nature of the coverage can be summarized by the headline of the London Sunday Times, May 7, 2006: “Sorry ET—you’re just a puff of plasma.” At our press conference, held the following day in London, it quickly became apparent that the news media were happy to base their coverage of the MoD study upon the contents of the Executive Summary alone. Few journalists had the time to scrutinize the 465 pages of the main body of the report when the full contents were released on the MoD website shortly after our announcement. The reaction of ufologists was equally superficial, with dismissive cries of whitewash, garbage, and disinformation widely disseminated across the internet, even before the complete text was available. Unfortunately, in the clamor to express an opinion and take a position, a number of commentators overlooked the historical significance of the discovery and its more interesting contents and findings. The key finding from the perspective of ufology is expressed in the introduction to the study, where the report’s author states that it is an indisputable fact that some UFOs, or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) as they are described throughout the report, are generated by an unknown phenomenon. As British skeptic John Rimmer commented, “Isn’t this what ufologists have been wanting to..' from the article: THE BRITISH MOD STUDY: PROJECT CONDIGN BY DAVID CLARKE AND GARY ANTHONY

Video from Professor Simon Holland

"Plasma is the 4th state of matter. Military technology is using its amazing properties to make 3d objects appear in space. Prof Simon investigates." from the video introduction.

Video from Professor Simon Holland

"Ever since Foo Fighters frightened Winston Churchill. The British Ministry of Defense have studied the phenomenon. Their conclusion is most UAP is a form of plasma. Could it be used for military applications? In this stunning report, the truth is revealed that the British understand the true nature of most UAP and have built devices to reproduce its effects. My research shows other countries have also used plasma technology to build weapon systems. Surprisingly this report reveals the UK attitude towards an Alien invasion and publishes advice to RAF pilots, if they encounter a UFO. Prof Simon investigates." from video introduction.

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