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Study Scripture in Larger Portions

Read Scripture Daily
Read Scripture Daily

Most study guides or applications or bedside daily readings present scripture to us in small portions. That is certainly preferable to no scriture at all. But to actually become familiar with God's Word to us we need to actaully have prolonged periods of reading through large portions of scripture.


Reading large portions helps us to become familiar with the whole Bible.

The reality of the time in which we live is that most Christians do not know where anything is in the Bible. A time soaked read of Scripture lets us learn what and where things are in the Bible and in our own Bibles. As Christians we need to know where everything is if we ever expect to disciple those around us.

Reading large protions also helps us to recognize repeating themes. Reading an entire chapter for example will help pick up patterns and themes throughout Scripture that you might otherwise never notice.

Scripture is One story. If we only focus on small passages we tend then to think about them in isolation. The books of the Bible written across 1500 years or more are not isolated books. They are all designed to work together to tell one continuous story across the history of God’s relationship with humanity which is the story of redemption through Jesus Christ.


To accomplish this start by deciding on an amount of time you can devout to reading scripture. Choose a bible and a translation you are comfortable with. You can also listen to the bible through youtube videos (see my category on Bible Readings) or use an app. Here is a link to an article that presents the audio bible apps that are available: 10 Best Bible Apps With Audio for Engaging with Scripture on the Go

Good for Your Soul

Reading the Bible is good for your mind, body and soul. If you read a little or a lot, it is good for your soul and through the Person of the Holy Spirit changes you.

When you read the Bible in larger portions yoiu are intentionally choosing to focus on what is good and holy.

You might not see a significant change in your life immediately, however a daily commitment to prayer, confession and repentance along with reading God's Holy Words will change you as your life progesses.

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