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Symbolism in The Book of Genesis - With Matthieu Pageau

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Video from Jonathan Pageau

Symbolism in The Book of Genesis - With Matthieu Pageau

"With Matthieu Pageau we discuss symbolism in the creation story told in Genesis and how it relates to consciousness, the problem of self-reference and how true symbolism usually appears in a fractal structure of microcosms and macrocosm. The problem of science and rationality is that by emphasizing materiality and reason it often struggles with the paradox of self-reference and self-causality, just as it struggles with the problem of the justification for hierarchical structures of value. These two issues are related through the fact of consciousness and self-awareness. Though science struggles to include the consciousness of the viewer in its general calculation, this is something that is done very well in traditional cosmologies through a series of self-replicating patterns which are embedded into each other somewhat like a fractal pattern.' from video introduction.

Jonathan Pageau is a French Canadian icon carver, public speaker and YouTuber exploring the symbolic patterns that underlie our experience of the world, how these patterns emerge and come together, manifesting in religion, art and in popular culture. He's also the editor of the Orthodox Arts Journal and host of the Symbolic World blog and podcast.

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