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Temple Zero: The Temple Before Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem

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"Pre-Recorded Footage from Israel 2022 Temple Zero: The Temple Before Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem - ISRAEL UPDATE" from video introduction

Temple Zero in Zion | Melchizedek’s Anointed Standing Stone in Jerusalem

"Eli Shukron discusses ‘Temple Zero’ near Jerusalem, the original anointed standing stone in Israel from the time of Melchizedek hidden for thousands of years in Zion.

Last October, archaeologist Eli Shukron sat down with Pastor Tim Remington of the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They discussed his discovery of ‘Temple Zero’ and the prophetic implications of this Holy site in Jerusalem.

“What is the house of God? The Stone that is set up…” explained Eli, speaking of the standing stone discovered at the site of ‘Temple Zero.’

“Nowadays we have churches; we have buildings – we have everything else.” Pastor Tim expounded, “But what was anointed back then was the actual Stone.”

Stone Condition

“They buried it, but they didn’t touch the Stone,” Eli remarked passionately. “I found the Stone as it is. Why didn’t they destroy the Stone? Why didn’t they do anything to the Stone? This is the House of God! You cannot destroy; you cannot touch..." from the article: Temple Zero in Zion | Melchizedek’s Anointed Standing Stone in Jerusalem

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"Who was Melchizedek and how could he have been a greater authority than Abraham? According to the Book of Genesis, Melchizedek was a High Priest of God to whom Abraham brought the very first tithe. Where did that happen? Eli Shukron may have discovered the answer. "We have a standing stone." Says Shukron, talking about the area he calls 'Temple Zero'. The standing stone in Jerusalem is an ancient place of worship dating back to the Bronze era, which would place the stone in the same period of history as Abraham from the book of Genesis. The location of the standing stone in Jerusalem, and particularly in the City of David, is also significant. As far as archaeologists are aware, there are no other standing stones of this kind in or around Jerusalem, meaning that Temple Zero is likely to be the very place written about in Scripture where Abraham brought Melchizedek the first tithe. In other words, the place of the standing stone, discovered by Eli Shukron, is likely the very first temple of worship ever used in the city of Jerusalem. Making Temple Zero much older than the Dome of the Rock or the Temple of King Solomon." from video introduction

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