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That You May Be Certain: The Gospel of Luke (Part 1) Day of Discovery

Video from Our Daily Bread

"The gospel of Luke gives us one of the most detailed accounts of the life of Christ, demonstrating a unique perspective on Jesus and those surrounding Him during His time on earth, as well as expressing an unusual sensitivity to the weak and poor. Come with author and musician Michael Card as he explores the person of Luke and the historical and social context in which Luke wrote his carefully researched account of Jesus the Christ.

00:00-00:42: Introduction 00:42-03:13: Background to the Gospel of Luke 03:13-05:23: Luke and Paul 05:23-10:53: Who Was Luke? 10:53-11:59: The Gospel of Luke - The Bridge Between the Gospels and the Pauline Letters 11:59-15:33: Historical Roman Background for the Beginning of the Gospel of Luke 15:33-17:14: Roman Emperor Tiberius 17:14-24:53: Understanding First Century Life in Israel 24:53-25:18: End Credits." from video introduction.

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