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The Art of Dale Witherow

Updated: Aug 5

The Art of Dale Witherow

Dale Witherow is a very gifted painter! As you can see from a few of the examples of his work below it is embued with beautiful colors and design that draws you into his work.

Dale was one of my art professors when I went to College in one of Pennsylvania in the 1980's. His gifts to me and others were his skills as an artist, teacher and friend!

Waterpath by Dale Witherow
Waterpath by Dale Witherow

About Dale Witherow

"I began painting seriously after retiring.

I currently exhibit abstracts, but my roots are in landscape painting. I tend to float between the two.

I work mainly in acrylics but often include other media.

I believe that " everything" is a self portrait.

I currently exhibit in galleries in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia,WA .' from his website

The painter, Dale Witherow, channels reality and memory distilling forms into abstractions of vital color and gesture. “ Gallery Guide

“Dale Witherow has pushed past his predilection for the landscape and created abstractions with deeply personal symbolism embedded in the forms. These works demonstrate Witherow’s love for color, design, and hidden symbolism. He has resurrected and restructured elements of his past and the subsequent imagery of memory and used these motifs as a basis for his new work. “…Seattle Stranger / September 6, 2006 / Gallery IMA, Seattle. Washington

My current work is about the energy exchange in conversations and relationships. The relationships are familial, social, literary, visual, etc…. anything that nudges a genuine emotional response. Much of my work is a map of those exchanges and the color indicates the processing. Often there are calligraphic marks in the work, which usually indicate some sound associated with the piece. I am exploring life and trying to display those explorations using all that is available to me in some beautiful and personally meaningful way.

I find that my memories present new insights according to the present life happenings and give me a great source of imagery. If it is not personal I tend to become bored with the piece and paint over it. Much of the texture and depth of the final painting rests on the previous explorations, which provide new relationships that leads to revealing the next layer.' from the article Dale Witherow in Artburgac blogspot

Dale Witherow with one of his paintings
Dale Witherow with one of his paintings

"Ain't Nobodys Busines" by Dale Witherow
"Ain't Nobodys Busines" by Dale Witherow

See more of Dale Witherows Art at his website:


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