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The Battles of God's Watchmen! True Watchmen (Prophets/Pastors/Shepherds) Are Always a Small Remnant

"Watchmen get persecuted from both sides of the fence. They have very rarely ever been accepted by the pop culture church of their generation. However, those watchmen whom keep their hand to the plow always see God come through strong! To the true saints of God, victory comes even through what the world will see as defeat. Prison, persecution, trials, tribulation and even to the point of death, the true saints of God get the victory in all things! So be encouraged and know that you are being cheered on by a great cloud of witnesses whom have gone on before you. Your treasures are tucked away safely in heaven with Jesus Christ! This world is NOT your home, your here temporally living as a alien going about your Fathers business." from video introduction.

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