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The Beauty of an Ordinary life - Social Media and Simple Living

Video from TheCottageFairy

This young lady like may self and many others grew up without the internet and social media. The reality is YOU can live without both things! The internet and social media are blessings just as they are curses. Everything we sinful humans touches falls into these categories. Listen to what she has to say, there is wisdom in it.

"Today I wanted to share some of my experiences and feelings in regards to social media, and the benefits and challenges associated with it. I also wanted to share why I only share certain aspects of my life, and how important privacy is for me, especially when it comes to my relationships. This channel will always be an artistic haven of light and peace, seen through a creative lens that seeks to highlight the picturesque and beauty of the ordinary and everyday. My name is Paola, I am Puerto Rican American, 24 years old, and currently self employed in Washington State." from video introduction.

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