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The Blessing: Asian American Christian Collaborative

"The AACC has brought together people from over 30 churches representing 21 Asian languages to declare the blessings of God over all who hear. Our hope is to be an echo of God’s heavenly chorus through the languages of our tribes, nations, and people groups, demonstrating the diversity within the Asian American community. We want to especially share this with our fellow image bearers of the African diaspora, upon whom we ask the favor of God. Highlighted in the video are shots from the March for Black Lives and Dignity held in June 2020 and organized in partnership with Chinese Christian Union Church and Progressive Baptist Church. May this generation bring forth a new era of interconnected blessing. The AACC is volunteer driven and 100% donor supported. Help us reach the end of the year and support future projects like this one by giving to our GoFundMe campaign:" from video introduction.

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