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The BRUTAL Execution Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Resisting The Nazis

Video from The Untold Past

"During the Second World War, to defy Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party was incredibly dangerous and could often result in brutal consequences. There was some resistance in Germany to the Third Reich, for example Hans and Sophie Scholl decided to from the White Rose Movement, but they eventually were executed for their actions. It wasn't just the leadership of Germany that the Nazi Party controlled, they aimed to control all aspects of life and they even tried to preside over the Church. One man who was furious with the Nazi changes to the Church was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran Protestant Priest who saw Hitler's reforms on the church as heresy. He preached a traditional approach to religion, ignoring Hitler's want to make it more aryan, and because of this he became a vocal and outspoken critic of the Third Reich. This meant he was living very dangerously, and he even began working for the Abwehr, the intelligence service which was even linked with plotting to overthrow Hitler, and the July 20th Plot. However after the failed Stauffenberg Plot, the bombing of Hitler's Wolf's Lair, Bonhoeffer who had already been imprisoned was sentenced to death. Accounts of his death do vary, however it was certainly a brutal event. Within Flossenberg Concentration Camp along with head of the Abwehr, Wilhelm Canaris, Bonhoeffer was executed, and he suffered greatly." from video introduction.

If you found your self in a situation where you had to resist evil and perhaps die for your faith, for your Lord, what would you do?

"We All Believe We'd Run Into That Burning Building. But Until We Feel That Heat, We Can Never Know. You Do." quote from the movie "Tenet"

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