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The Church, The Family, and the Kingdom of God - Dr. Rob Rienow

Updated: Apr 4

Video from ILFamilyInstitute

The Church, The Family, and the Kingdom of God - Dr. Rob Rienow

"As the Church continues to grow, and youth ministries flourish, you would expect this generation of children to be closer to God more than ever. You would expect plenty of children to become and continue being Christians, and in return, Christianity would prosper. But as most of us know, this is sadly not the case. Christianity is on the decline and many children who grew up as Christians are tragically leaving the faith as they grow older. Why is this happening despite churches being plentiful and youth ministries nearly at every church? Why would Christianity be in dire trouble if churches seem to be stronger than ever? Dr. Rob Rienow doesn’t think that the Church is to blame; he thinks the solution is found in the family and the home. Dr. Rob Rienow, an author and missionary, tells us in his informative and entertaining speech how important family is when it comes to spreading the gospel, especially for children. It is said numerous times in the Bible that Jesus loves children and that children are important to faith. Jesus even says that we are all to accept the Gospel like little children. This great importance that is placed upon children is not simply just because children are innocent and sweet, but it also shows us God’s bigger plan for Christians. God often commands us to have children and fill the earth, but for what reason? Perhaps the reason is that God wants us to spread the Gospel by first having children that will be future disciples of his Word. If we want to start reaching others with the Good News, what better place to start spreading the Word of God than in our own homes with our own children? Join Dr. Rienow and explore with him the reason that children are deviating from the path at an alarmingly high rate, and more importantly, how we can help fix this problem." from the video introduction

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