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The Difference Between Science and Religion?

Video from Explore God

Are science and faith mutually exclusive or can they coexist? James Choung explores the difference between science and religion. Are they contradictory?

In the Cosmos there are many mysteries which are not just conundrums, but contradictions. Some scientists and researchers consider these mysteries to simply be esoteric religious nonsense. They encourage people to place their faith in more concrete and certain things, like discoveries in the physical sciences that have some empirical evidence. The reality is the deeper scientists have delved into the nature of nature and creation trying to comprehend how physical reality works at its most fundamental levels they too have found themselves totally perplexed. Quantum mechanics/physics has opened up a whole new reality behind the reality we thought we knew and there is no bottom in sight.

James Choung a student at MIT(when this was filmed) thinks scienceand religion are wings on the same airplane. See if you agree.

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