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The Gift & Responsibility of Being a Christian Grandparent

Our Greatest Blessings Call Us Grandma & Grandpa

Being a grandparent is a great gift, it can also be a great responsibility and yes a burden.

In our culture we know that the family has broken down. The fabric that God gave us to help and hold each other together has fallen apart. Single moms with children, young men and older men who have selfishly abandoned their responsibilities. Many men slaves to sexual sin and lust father multiple children and then leave.

Grandparents fill in the gap and often raise those abandoned children.

We must always assist those in need whenever and wherever possible in our lives and communities. Help the single moms and yes fathers who have also taken on the responsibility of raising a family on their own.

So Grandparents you fulfill a God given responsibility.

Grandparents are not mentioned in the Bible as such but we none-the-less have a mission for our Lord.

So what can we do to help our Grandchildren in life?

We of course may need to supply material support, food, clothing rides to school etc. which is vital to our family.

Remembering we are living our old age to the Glory of God means we are not on permanent vacation. We are called to serve our Lord and those around us until death. Our grandchildren must see us reading God's word, praying and demonstration Christ-like thinking and behavior in our lives.

By now we as Children of God must be humble and show that humility in our lives. Humility is not a virtue in our "Me" culture of which children are so much exposed to today. As we age and grow and mature as Christians we become more humble and seeks God's Wisdom constantly.

Psalm 92:14

14 They still bear fruit in old age;

they are ever full of sap and green,

Keep bearing fruit in the midst of your aches, pains, disease, slower thinking and reflexes. Also life is short and Hope in our culture is also in short supply. Suicides are up as young people and adults despair of life. We must show and provide hope where ever and whenever we can!

Love your local church and let that show so your grandchildren can see the need for church attendance. they may ignore it now only to return to church in another season of life. Plant the seed.

Build a relationship, listen to them, observe their needs and frustrations and be accessible to them their entire lives.

You still have much to offer and to do for your Lord!

Psalm 71:9

9 Do not cast me off in the time of old age;

forsake me not when my strength is spent.

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