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The Historical Influence of Jesus - Drive Thru History

Video from Drive Thru History

"Among the influences that shaped Western Civilization, there’s probably no story more significant than the “Jesus Story.” Even for religious skeptics, Jesus of Nazareth is arguably the most influential life ever lived. But how did this happen? Why does the historical influence of Jesus continue to grow? Jesus was raised in humble Jewish surroundings in Roman-controlled Judea and Galilee, he never traveled more than 200 miles from his birthplace, he had a small group of simple followers, and he was killed for violating the religious laws of his own people. He never received political power, he never raised an army, and he never conquered territory. By historical standards, Jesus didn’t cut it as an influential figure in political, economic, or military power. So, why do about a third of the world’s people call themselves followers of Jesus about 2,000 years later? There must be something more to the story surrounding the historical influence of Jesus…" from video introduction.

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