The Imperfect Mosaic Law (Part 2)

Video from Inspiring Philosophy

"If the Torah is from God why does it contain some pretty bad teachings? Shouldn't God have taught a better system than what we find in the Torah? Thank you to scholars Mark Chavalas and John Walton for helping with this video." from video introduction.

Sources: Exploring the Composition of the Pentateuch - Baker Jr., Kenneth Bergland, Felipe A. Masotti, and A. Rahel Wells. Psalms: Volume 1 - John Goldingay A Commentary on the Psalms - Allen Ross Professor John Walton TORAH Conference: Daniel J. Hays - Applying the Old Testament Law Today: Paul and the Faithfulness of God - N. T. Wright John Walton and Brent Sandy - The Lost World of Scripture John Walton - Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament (2nd Ed.) Craig Keener - The Gospel of Matthew: A Soci-Rhetorical Commentary John Walton & J. Harvey Walton - The Lost World of the Torah

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