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The Near Death Experience of Karen Thomas

The Near Death Experience of Karen Thomas

"Karen Thomas explains how her near-death experience happened, and how it has changed her vision of life and death." from video introduction


When it comes to near-death experience stories, there are many unscientific writings based on the writers’ own agendas rather than actual evidence. However, there is also a growing body of legitimate research around near-death experience (NDE) reports, and peer-reviewed scientific journals have published a number of medical studies on the subject.

In this article, we’ll explore common elements of near-death experience stories, what it means when a near-death experience can be verified, and five credible near-death experience short stories. Plus, download a free NDE Cheat Sheet that outlines the top 5 things to remember about near-death experiences.

Common Elements in Stories of Near Death Experiences

For a near-death experience to occur, one must have limited brain function, yet still have a sensory experience—without full use of their physical senses. In the United States alone, about 9 million people have reported experiencing an NDE.

The patients’ reports reveal a pattern of several recurring elements. These elements include:

  • out-of-body experience

  • accurate visual perception (while out of the body)

  • accurate auditory perception (while out of the body)

  • feelings of peace and painlessness

  • light phenomena (encounter with loving white light)

  • life review

  • being in another world

  • encountering other beings

  • tunnel experience

  • precognition.." from the article: 5 CREDIBLE STORIES OF NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES (PEER-REVIEWED)

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