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The Secrets of Consciousness: Part I- Seeing Without Eyes

Video from Thanatos TV EN

"Seeing without eyes. Perceiving without sensory organs. Consciousness without body. That which is obvious to most people who had near-death experiences is quite unimaginable for science-oriented people. Consciousness originates from the brain. It shows itself in the brainwaves – and only there. And yet some extraordinary perceptual phenomena call this materialistic worldview into question … Contents: 00:00:15 “Josef Atzmüller, died on the 20th of December at 8 p.m.” 00:05:53 Howard Storm and his negative near-death experience 00:07:16 Harald Frase: “Seeing without eyes” 00:16:24 A blind man playing pool 00:18:25 Kids learning “Seeing Without Eyes” 00:24:13 A blind 12 years old boy can read license plates 00:25:40 How does “Seeing without eyes” work? 00:28:37 Where are the limits for us? 00:29:31 Georg Rieder – “The man with the x-ray vision” 00:33:15 Does seeing without eyes prove that we are more than the physically material body? 00:37:54 What is consciousness? Credits: Camera: Heike Sucky, Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir, Mehmet Yesilgöz, Wolfgang Scherz, Sebastian Depke, Werner Huemer Translation: Alexandra Grasmik, Peter Cox Narrator: Peter Cox." from video introduction

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