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The Secrets of Consciousness: Part II - Consciousness Without Brain

Video from Thanatos TV EN

"Natural science as we know it today, conceives human consciousness as a byproduct of chemical reactions in the brain. An assumption which is, generally speaking, hardly questioned. Yet, abundant phenomena indicate that in fact human consciousness is possible without the body, without the brain. Contents: 00:00:01 John Cleese/Prof. Edward Kelly: Is consciousness a byproduct of chemical reactions in the brain? 00:02:28 Consciousness without a brain – Prof. Ulrich Ott, neuroscientist 00:06:15 Does "lived spirituality" actually show up in the brain? 00:10:00 Can people who are in a coma consciously perceive something? – Joachim Nicolay, philosopher and psychologist 00:10:52 Terrifying experiences 00:13:58 Positive near-death experiences – Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon 00:16:09 The case of Eben Alexander – Bruce Greyson, psychiatrist and neuroscientist 00:19:56 Where does consciousness come from? – Prof. Ulrich Ott 00:22:21 Does materialism need to be overcome? – Edward Kelly, psychologist, neuroscientist and thanatologist 00:25:20 The interaction between mind and brain – Bruce Greyson 00:29:31 Quantum physics 00:32:32 What is mind? 00:34:25 Mind and spirits – EREAMS study – Oliver Lazar 00:38:07 Does the brain generate consciousness or is the brain a receiver of consciousness? 00:40:17 Is spirit something insubstantial which connects with the material body which "incarnates" – and maybe not only once? – Jim Tucker, child psychiatrist 00:41:25 Marty Martin – one of the best research cases 00:45:57 How does the mind differ from the body-connected ego-consciousness? – Joachim Nicolay Credits: Camera: Heike Sucky, Werner Huemer Translation: Alexandra Grasmik, Peter Cox Narrator: Peter Cox A film documentary by Werner Huemer." from video introduction

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