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The Sufficiency of Scripture - Dr. Rob Rienow

Updated: Oct 31

Video from ILFamilyInstitute

The Sufficiency of Scripture - Dr. Rob Rienow

"Many people question if the Bible is truly enough in our world that repeatedly throws new innovations, ideas, and beliefs at us, While many people have pushed the Bible to the wayside, claiming it’s “irrelevant” or “outdated,” Dr. Rob Rienow, the leader of Visionary Family Ministries, talks to us about why the Bible is just as relevant today as when it was first written. The Bible not only acts as a guide to religion, but also in our day-to-day lives through its wisdom and truth. Dr. Rienow says although our hearts naturally tend towards wickedness because of our sinful nature, we are still able to be righteous and followers of Christ because of the directions that Scripture gives us. In his inspiring and informative speech, Dr. Rienow shows how we should use the Bible as a guiding force throughout our entire lives, not just when dealing with things relating to religion. Despite our changing world, the Bible’s authority and ideas still hold true to this day, he points out. While our own ideas, prejudices, and beliefs will lead us astray from God, his word is the bond between us and Him that will prevent us from leaving his side. Whether it be questions about religion and science, or government and marriage, Dr. Rienow explains us clearly and powerfully that all of these questions are answered by the Bible. We must understand, he says, that the Bible is useful for all of the decisions and problems that come into our lives. We have seen the devastating consequences of a society that ignores Scripture, Dr. Rienow says, and we must make sure this trend doesn’t continue." from video introduction


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