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The Truth of It: A Tale of Two Cities -Ep. 69

Video from Australian Christian Lobby

Have we embraced Babel and Babylon? Babel & Babylon is more than a cities of the ancient past, Babel/Babylon is a concept, a human tendency to sin and rebel against God.

An observer of history can see that since the original Babylon there have been many others and I believe America is one of the best Babylon's yet! You may disagree.

Babylon is a metaphor.

In this video Marten Iles reminds us that as Christian's we are not citizens of this world, we are just passing through. But while we pass through we are through our faith and relationship with our Lord Christ Jesus and the indwelling of the Person of the Holy Spirit God's representatives and co-regents. We are his helpers in saving souls from Hell and helping those in need. WE are above ALL ELSE SERVANTS!

He also discusses what many of us post- modern Christians and people in general are guilty of "Chronological Snobbery". I know I have and probably still do consider all of us to be more enlightened and intelligent than the people of the past. That however is completely false.

In reading The City of God by Augustine Martyn was reeducated in his view of the past.

The City of God (link)

We like the people of Babel want to make a name for ourselves, to be popular, to be admired. But things are changing. As Christians we are now facing hard choices. We are no longer able to just do the right thing and get by.

We also make excuses for not doing the right thing. Listen to what Martyn Iles has to say.

Australian Christian Lobby (link)

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