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The Ultimate Reality : Woman Meets Jesus Face to Face in Heaven

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Video from The 700 Club

"Tina Hines suffered cardiac arrest that left her unconscious for over 28 minutes. While her body fought for survival, Tina shares her visit to heaven and who she met!" from video introduction

Are you ready to meet God?

Today for some of us reading this may be your last day in this life.

Are you at peace with your mortality? If not time is short. pray to god today and confess your weakness and your sin and that you need him now in your life. You and I lack the ability to manage our lives. Only through Christ can we live! - Andy

Plan Now to Die Well

If you don’t have a better plan for how you are going to die, someone will probably just turn on the television.

As a minister of the word of God, I have always thought that part of my calling is to help people die well. That would include Paul’s aim that Christ be magnified in his body by death (Philippians 1:20). I thought of every Sunday’s sermon as part of this preparation for death. And I hoped every visit to the bedside of the dying would be faith-strengthening, hope-giving, Bible-saturated, gospel-centered, and Christ-exalting.

Which is why I groaned at the hospital to find the television glittering in the darkness of the approach of death. This felt utterly incongruous. Bizarre.

One of the most godly women I have ever known was dying. She was full of the Spirit and prayer. On one of my visits to the hospital in her last days, she pleaded with me to pray for her quick death, and shared with me the nightmares she was having of “half-naked women dancing around my bed.” I wondered if there was a connection with the television that the staff turned on.." from the article: Plan Now to Die Well

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