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The Unseen But Constant Miracles of Our Lord

Video from Wonders of the World

"Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in seemingly hopeless situations and feel like help will not come from anywhere. But help can come to a person from completely unexpected places and we’re not talking about magic. People who dedicate their lives to doing good deeds will receive gratitude in response. That’s exactly what happened in this story." from video introduction.

We seek the spectacular as proof of God's in workings in our world and our lives. The parting of the Red Sea for example, but in the Age of the Church in which we live God's miracles, his involvement in our lives is very different.

God not only controls the affairs of kings and princes and military leaders, he is just as much God over individuals as he is over nations. God is often at work in many different ways if we will just notice. Call out to him in your suffering, your pain and he will respond.

Just as Christ commanded Balaam's Donkey to speak or the large sea creature to swallow Jonah he may one day use the littlest of his creatures to be your help in a time of distress!

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