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The Zelensky Test - John Ortberg

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Video from Become

The Zelensky Test

"What we are watching in Ukraine poses a personal challenge for each of us. Life is not about the avoidance of suffering, but about commitment to something far greater." from video introduction.

Are we a cowardly people, unwilling and unable to defend our own nation? - Andy

Why are So Few Americans Willing to Defend their Country?

"For many of us war voyeurs watching the news with a glass of sherry, admiration of the little-engine-that-could Ukrainian fighters is underwritten by unease. As families escape to safety, plenty of feisty Ukrainians are remaining behind to battle a far more powerful aggressor, and they’re not all men, either. The question nags, then: in the same circumstances, would we stick around to defend our homelands, or would we cut our losses and get out?

Earlier this month, that’s precisely what a Quinnipiac poll asked Americans. Some 7 per cent answered ‘Don’t know’. But an astonishing 52 per cent of Democrats predicted that they’d skedaddle. Among Republicans, a full quarter would carpool with the hightailing ‘to hell with this!’ Democrats, while 68 per cent would stand their ground – or think they would. Among all respondents, 55 per cent would stay and fight, while 38 per cent would flee. Scaled up, that would be 125 million Yanks storming from the Land of the No Longer Free and the Home of the Not Especially Brave all at once. Quite a stampede..." from the article: Why are so few Americans willing to defend their country?

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