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Universal History: Anglo-Saxon Myths and the Origin of Fairies - Jonathan Pageau with Richard Rohlin

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Video from Jonathan Pageau

Universal History: Anglo-Saxon Myths and the Origin of Fairies

"This is the first episode of a series of videos on Anglo–Saxon myths and their role in the Universal History. Books mentions: Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius: An Alexandrian World Chronicle (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library):

Syriac work called The Cave of Treasures, translated by Sebastian Brock (Early Christian/late Jewish traditions preserved in Syrian. Gives a good framework for reading St. Ephrem the Syrian).

Timestamps: 00:00:00 - Coming up next... 00:00:42 - Intro music 00:01:07 - Introduction 00:02:57 - The Old North 00:04:14 - The 4th son of Noah 00:07:56 - Flooding and new beginnings 00:09:30 - The 4th son of Noah goes East 00:11:05 - The connection with Anglo-Saxon Christianity 00:12:45 - The Irish connection 00:15:45 - The origin of faeries 00:18:34 - The Djin tradition in Islam 00:19:24 - The third theory of where fairies come from 00:20:03 - Not mutually exclusive theories 00:20:49 - Julian the Apostate 00:23:01 - Back to it not being mutually exclusive 00:23:43 - Anglo-saxon literature 00:24:02 - St. Theodore of Tarsus 00:27:12 - Anglo-saxon homilies 00:29:20 - The Beowulf poem 00:34:39 - Alfred's Boethius 00:37:24 - Tangent about names 00:39:18 - Genealogy 00:42:49 - Connecting the Book of Enoch and Beowulf 00:44:24 - The importance of Beowulf 00:48:24 - The notion of fairies 00:50:18 - St Isaac the Syrian 00:51:07 - Summary 00:52:58 - The Universal History lineup" from video introduction

Many people are starting to recognize that our materialist and secular worldview is blinding us to certain realities that lie beyond our basic senses. This is coming more to light its seems to me as the current upswing in occultism and the Alien Savior Religions are moving through our culture and the world.

As we become a more pagan nation the invisible forces/entities that have languished are now invited into peoples lives or sought out either purposefully or accidentally. Evil is increasing as the fruits of abortion, pornography and moral relativism become dogma in our culture.

Demons do indeed exist and they harm people.

Exorcists perform exorcisms on possessed people around the world on a regular basis.

The video above from Jonathan Pageau and the one below (wonderful accent, listen closely!) take us different directions in looking at the myths and possible realities. Enjoy!

Reverend Robert Kirk and the Fairies

"Minister Robert Kirk (9 December 1644 – 14 May 1692) was an author who translated the Psalms and other portions of the Bible into Scottish Gaelic. However, it is the belief that he was kidnapped by the fairies that keep him well-remembered so many years after his death.

As did most Scots in the 17th century, Robert Kirk strongly believed in the reality of The Good People. They are an invisible race that Kirk claimed were of nature halfway between that of angels and that of mankind..." from the article: Reverend Robert Kirk and the Fairies

Rev Robert Kirk, Secret Commonwealth and Chasing the Phenomena

Jun 19, 2022

"I discuss with author and researcher Hazel Stuart on the legend and the real Robert Kirk, Kirk engaging the phenomena and then passing the baton to future researchers and investigators. Hazel has researched Kirk for well over a decade and is currently writing a book on his life times, Hazel has some great insights on his work and life.' from video introduction

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