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We Are the Stuff of Earth and the Breath of God - Paul VanderKlay RESET

Video from Speak Life

"In this interview, Glen Scrivener talks to Paul VanderKlay, pastor of Living Stones CRC in Sacramento CA. Also known as the pastor of the Intellectual Dark Web, Paul Vanderklay has interviewed Jordan Peterson and regularly comments on the meaning crisis. Here, Glen and Paul talk about the first four chapters of the book of Genesis and what they tell us about God and humanity. Paul Vanderklay's(@Paul VanderKlay) YouTube channel: RESET is a series of conversations exploring the meaning crisis. With the help of cultural analysts and biblical scholars we're going back to the beginning — to Genesis, the West's great origins story — to hear the ancient texts speaking today. Glen Scrivener is an ordained church minister and filmmaker. In this series he asks questions about conflict, suffering, death, sex, equality, science, and what it means to be human. This is the 16th interview in the RESET series:" from video introduction.

"There’s trouble in paradise, as the Intellectual Dark Web is openly splitting up online, in what could be termed as a show for the times. For those who don’t know, the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) is a term that got popular after an essay by Bari Weiss for The New York Times last year, which featured a group of public intellectuals.

It was widely mocked even then, not just for its tortured sophomoric prose, or bizarre accompanying photo shoot seemingly straight out of a Simon Pegg comedy, but the fundamentally ironic premise of a glossy multi-pager in the most influential paper of the world about a bunch of people claiming viewpoint oppression. But that’s beside the point..." from the article: The Intellectual Dark Web is Collapsing Under its Contradictions

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