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What Does It Actually Mean to “Trust God”? (feat. The Sisters of Life) - Ascension

"Trust can be a difficult thing for us to open our hearts to, especially when we’ve been hurt by those closest to us. But one person that will never let us down is God. He’s the best person we can let into our lives, and he proves that by pursuing our hearts daily. Today, Fr. Mark-Mary and Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, S.V. explain what it really means to trust in God, and how we can grow in relationship with him daily. You can find out more about Sr. Faustina's book here: For more on trusting God, be sure to also check out Untroubled by the Unknown: Trusting God in Every Moment ( from Fr. Mike Schmitz and Ascension. God bless you!" from video introduction.

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