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What is Essential in a Christian Life? - Theocast Clips

Video from Theocast - Rest in Christ

"In this clip from: "Gospel Power for the Weary," Jon and Justin discuss what the central drive is in a Christian's life. Where that power comes from and how it sustains them. Justin references Paul's letter to the Colossians stating exactly how Christ's work is central to everything.

In today's episode, Jon and Justin aim to have a pastoral conversation with two groups of people in view. First, those who are beat down and weary, who are seeking to find rest. And second, those who have found rest in Christ but still wrestle with what that rest means for their Christian lives. Where does the power for sanctification come from? What do we do now that we know Christ has done everything for our salvation? Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin have a fun conversation about Jesus, calming down, assessing ourselves honestly, looking to God's Word, and loving our brothers and sisters." from video introduction.


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