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What is Hasidism?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Video from Lets Talk Religion

"The Hasidic movement is pretty famous. But few are aware of its deep mystical teachings and connections with Kabbalah. In this episode, we explore the early history of the Hasidim. This episode was written by Seth Weprin and co-written by me (Filip Holm)." from video introduction.

Video from Seekers of Unity

"A Philosophical Poetical Foray into Hasidic Thought. Exploring the History, Characteristics, Definitions, Metaphysics, Message and Mission of Hasidism, Mysticism for the Masses. Part 1: Nothing But God: The Metaphysics of Hasidism. This video is part of a collaboration with Filip Holm from @Let's Talk Religion Check out his sister video here: What is a Hasid? 00:19 Hasid in Rabbinic Literature 01:16 Hasidism through History 01:57 18th Century Hasidism 03:56 Historical Background: To Awaken the People 05:19 Characteristics of Hasidism 05:38 Let’s Talk Religion Collab 06:29 Disclaimers and Biases 11:16 Defining Hasidism 13:16 Hasidism’s Self-Definition 15:13 The Human Becoming God(ly) 17:36 A Dual Reality | Metaphysical Schema of Hasidut 21:15 Nimna Ha’Nimnaot | Uniting the Unites 22:17 The Baal Shem Tov’s Message and Mission 27:58 Reading Recommendations 29:10 Conclusion" from video introduction.

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