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What is the DIFFERENCE between your SOUL and SPIRIT?

Video from DLM Christian Lifestyle

"In this video, I explain to you the difference between your body, soul and spirit, and how to walk through the spirit. The biblical knowledge of this will help you to grow more spiritually and to overcome most obstacles that life throws at you. We as Christians need to know how to crucify our fleshly desires and how to live through our new spiritual nature. In this video, we look at what the bible says about the difference between soul and spirit and how to really walk in the spirit of God. God revealed to us through the bible the knowledge of what our human soul is and what the spirit is. Sadly there are not a lot of preachers who preach about this, because people prefer motivational messages that make them feel good. But it is only the truth of scripture that really has the power to bring lasting change into our lives. The truth sets us free from sin and it changes the way we think and live. We need to move back to God's word to understand the truth of what a real Christian lifestyle really is like. Watch the full video to understand what the difference between our soul and spirit is in Christianity." from video introduction.

chart of body, soul and spirit
Body, Soul & Spirit

"Some notes from J. P. Moreland’s excellent book, The Soul: How We Know It’s Real and Why It Matters (Chicago: Moody Press, 2014).

What is dualism?

The view that the soul is an immaterial thing different from the body and brain.

What is substance dualism?

The view that a human person has both

  1. a brain that is a physical thing with physical properties, and

  2. a mind or soul that is a mental substance and has mental properties.

What is Thomistic substance dualism?

The view that the (human) soul

  • diffuses,

  • informs (gives form to),

  • unifies,

  • animates, and

  • makes human

the (human) body.

The body is not a physical substance, but rather an ensouled physical structure such that if it loses the soul, it is no longer a human body in a strict, philosophical sense..." from the article: An FAQ from J. P. Moreland on the Human Soul

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