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What is the History of Middle-Earth? - From Creation to the Rise of Numenor

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Video from Invicta

"In this lore documentary we explore the lore of Tolkien wich eventually gives rise to the Second Age of Middle-Earth. We begin with a look at the creation story of the Ainulindalë where Eru Iluvatar and the Ainur sung the world into being. We then cover the forming of the world of Arda and the great struggles between the Valar and Melkor. We then cover the Years of the Trees of Valinor. in this period the First Age begins with the awakening of the Elves in Cuiviénen. The documentary then explores how they traveled to Aman and eventually came to form powerful kingdoms. Eventually however Melkor rises once more to throw the world into chaos. We cover his plots to seed unrest among the evils with a plot that culminates in the destruction of the Two Trees and the stealing of the Silmarils. Next the Noldor, lead by Feanor, wage their fateful War of the Jewels against Melkor. This epic struggle lasts centuries and ultimately climaxes in one of the most destructive wars in the History of Middle Earth. In its aftermath Baleriand is sunk and the Isle of Elenna is formed. Thus does the Second Age of Middle Earth begin. We set the stage for this next era with the Rise of Numenor and the planting of seeds that will eventually see their destruction." from the video introduction

A Middle - Earth Primer

For those interested in Tolkien's created world there are many resources. I decided tp provide a few for us to brush up on the myth Tolkien created. This video does that in an excellent way. Hope this helps - Andy

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