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White Marble Statues/Buildings (once painted) from Ancient Rome

Video from Ancient Rome Live

"The Ancient Romans first utilized local stones (tuffs) for building and decoration was limited to terracotta works (statuary, plaques). Infrequently and small amounts they employed marble. Things dramatically changed that they took control of the Mediterranean. The first marble temple dates to middle of the first century BCE, after the conquest of Carthage and much of the Greek world in the East. Romans took over quarries already known and exploited. They also opened up new quarries, in Italy, Luna/ Carrara marble. Abroad they focused on Greek island marbles and those of modern-day Turkey. Let's explore the white marbles of ancient Rome and discuss the painted colors that once adorned the statuary and architectural features. Find out more about Ancient Rome at This content is brought to you by The American Institute for Roman Culture (AIRC), a 501(C)3 US Non-Profit Organization. " from video introduction.

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