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Who was Herod the Great?: (Part 11 of 15) Patheos

Video from Patheos

"For those of you that know the New Testament, Herod was the villain in the Gospel of Matthew’s version of Jesus’ birth. The Magi follow a star to Judea and consult King Herod asking where the King of the Jews has been born…referring to Jesus, not Herod. Herod sees this as a threat to his rule, so according to the story, he orders every male child in Bethlehem under the age of 2 to be killed. But besides a baby-killing tyrant, what do we know about the historical Herod the Great? This episode will examine some of the biggest building projects sponsored by Herod: The Jerusalem Temple, Masada, Herodium, and Caesarea. Read more about King Herod the Great on Patheos." from video introduction.

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