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Why America is No Longer a Great Nation(And How YOU Can Make it Better!)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

sign that says repent
Repent - Make America Great Again

America has for a long time been on a collision course with itself.

We have been willfully rebellious and sinful, privately, and publicly. The Church in America, I think most of you will agree has been a failure in leading people to Christ and following up with their spiritually development.

Now having said that we must also remember we are all fallen, broken, willful sinners. We are saved by faith in Christ not some church program or a law passed by our government.

The world of people, as does our nation GROANS from our sin and the conditions in the world.

Yet God remains faithful to all of us. The Sun rises, we are supported by his grace with food, shelter etc. His providential and sovereign mercy helps us even when we rebel against him with sin and evil.

Recently two national chains decided corporately to be closed this coming Thanksgiving. I am not suggesting they did it for any other reason than public relations. However, I do not know what is in the hearts of management. But God knows.

Many years ago, before technology became king across the country stores were closed Wednesday afternoons. People rested or took care of personal business. Profits did not rule over everything else as they do now. Now in our culture, in Healthcare and many other industries the Tail wags the Dog. Profits wag the dog’s tail and the dog jumps through all kinds of hoops. People are secondary or a distant third.

It has been said we have gotten the President we deserve. Why? As a culture, as a people, and as those of us that claim to be Christians, we have long bought into the secular notion that profits, material goods and our own expedient need for more is ultimate. To do that we have sinned, cheated, and made excuses as does our current President.

How can we make America great again?

Virtue and selflessness at one time had moral value from the least to the greatest. When candidates spend many millions to pay for ads that are mean spirited and often stretch what little truth there is instead of feeding the hungry or the homeless, we are in trouble. And has been that way for years. Common sense, right?

Right now, the American public is hurting, adults and children cannot pay rent or buy food.

What can you and I do? Donate to your local food pantry, help a neighbor, a single mom. Contact a local organization for the homeless, donate money or volunteer.

Be a part of your community any way you can and NOT just an observer and critic.

Contact the White House and express your views, contact your congressman or senator, and express your views.


Most important of all Pray, read scripture daily, attend church either virtually or in person if possible.

Repent of your sins, selfish behavior, and evil deeds.

God has sent us a shot across the bow with this worldwide pandemic. The message is YOU WILL DIE. Stop your selfish and sinful behavior and contribute/help your fellow man so to can flourish. Worship Him and no other god or idol (money, career etc.)

Psalm 103:19 The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.


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