Why Being a Man of God is More Important Than Ever!

How to Be a Man of God

Men reflect for a moment on your life, your family and your relationship with Christ.

What do you see?

None of us are perfect and in this world both men and women struggle to do the right thing, make a living, just to live life. Life is hard! There is no perfect husbands or wives or anyone. Yet the Christian way of life allows us through the Person of the Holy Spirit and Christ o be the best we can be this side of heaven.

Sin will continue to plague us, yet God is good.

No one influences the spiritual climate and wellbeing of our homes like we do. Our lukewarm and careless attitudes set the stage for our children and wives to disregard the importance of faith and Christ. But if we have an inextinguishable zeal for the Lord, even the most rebellious child will feel the warming influence. We are the leaders who speak the word over our households as we speak intercessory prayers, speaking to God on behalf of our loved ones and community and for our leaders who govern, defend, and provide for us all.

God’s vision for humanity applies to both men and women, as both genders are adopted sons of God; both genders compose the bride of Christ; fulfill the Great Commission, receive the Great Commandment, and live in The Word, sacraments and prayers within the church community.

Yet if we are living into manhood, we are sanctified into the image of Christ as a man. This differs in many respects from the process of being sanctified into the image of Christ as a woman. God created us for unique and distinctive roles.

Men keep in mine that God is the hero of your story and no one else. You are not the hero, God is. Our masculinity is through the Person of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 2:22 22 In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit. There are no self-made men, Christ was a man, and our masculinity comes from him. Manhood is not a do-it-yourself project that we work on all our lives. We are weak and sinful. And your manhood is not found in the worldly sinful pursuit of sexuality and physical ability. You will find that some of the most manly and Godly men are those who have no sexual or physical ability due to accident or disease.

I personally am still learning from day to day what it means to be a Christian man. My Lord and the Person of the Holy Spirit teach me daily how inadequate I am without them. If you have a trend toward arrogance and pride start praying and repenting. Pray with your wife every morning. Family worship and a great thing!

As we can see our culture is going from bad to worse. Don’t be a Christian man who gets caught up in the selfish politics and vitriol of our day. Be a leader, be humble, be prayerful and sharpen each other like iron!

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