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Why Study the Saints? - How to See Like a Saint (1 0f 5)

Video from Anselm Society

"The Anselm Society's mission is a renaissance of the Christian imagination. We help churches re-learn how to disciple and work alongside artists. Artists to re-learn how to be a part of the church, integrating excellence of both craft and faith. And everyone else to burn with a desire to see the Kingdom with the same enchanted eyes with which they see Narnia and Middle Earth." from video introduction.

"Our mission is a renaissance of the Christian imagination. We exist to help Christians remember who they are; to cultivate a deep awareness of their relationship to the Great Story, and to bring that awareness home to their families and churches.

What does the life of our organization look like? Evenings filled with stories and songs and feasting. Homes and churches laboring to be marked by meaning. Podcasts and workshops delving into the wonders of Creation—and the calling of subcreation. And maybe, just maybe, children who grow up around a community of parents who think this is all normal behavior!.." from the website:

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