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Why We Must Be Bible Readers and Lifelong Learners

Video from Vine Media

Do you as a Christian know the Bible? Can you discuss the Bible, the Gospel, your Lord, his life, His Resurrection? Can you talk about what it means to live a Gospel Centered Life? How many Bibles are in your home? And how often do you read it?

The sad reality is many Christians are ignorant not only of the Bible but their faith in general. Looking closer at that we find self-proclaimed Christians then do not have a relationship with their Lord.

Our minds are enriched and expanded by picking up books, and then reading books that are hard to read and persevering through them to the end. Fifteen minutes in the morning and evening, will get you through multiple books a year. We read as we pursue wisdom. More books are available now in more ways than ever for us to read and study.

Read then for pleasure and wisdom. I carry a book with me everywhere I go so I can read whenever possible.

What goes along with our search for wisdom is how we present our soul to Christ. We must have a quiet time for devotions, for crying out to God, for prayers and lamentations, sorrowful yet always rejoicing in daily submission.

For me God's Living Word has become the air I breath!

I cannot live without it!!

Scripture reading goes hand in hand with church attendance and communion with those in our church family.

If the Lord grants you yet another year of life what will you do and who will you become? Will you be the illiterate Christian who knows nothing or the Christian who has wisdom from the Lord to offer those around you?

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