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12 Jobs That Take A Lifetime To Master

How do we achieve excellence in what we make or do?

Practice makes perfect is an old saying that reminds us that doing something repeatedly results in doing it better. In our throw-away culture with short attention spans there are few disciplines or crafts that people spend years and even decades to perfect their skills.

No matter what we do we should slow down and learn to do it well.

In doing our jobs well we receive a positive mental resilience, we honor our employer and most importantly we honor God!

Video from Business Insider

12 Jobs That Take A Lifetime To Master

"Around the world, craftspeople have devoted themselves to the pursuit of perfection — like a historical enthusiast in Tunisia who painstakingly revived an extinct purple dye, or a master iron forger in Japan who runs a 100-year-old workshop. The highest level of mastery is only achieved through an artisan's lifelong dedication to their craft. 0:00 Intro 00:57 Japanese Calligraphy Brushes 09:25 Moroccan Zellige Tiles 19:38 Tyrian Purple 30:00 Japanese Denim 40:38 Damascus Knives 50:10 Japanese Iron Kettles 1:00:50 Bangjja Yugi (Korean Bronzeware) 1:09:26 Bellerby & Co. Globemakers 1:18:17 Ceremonial-Grade Matcha 1:29:00 Miyazaki Mangoes 1:38:16 'Ethical' Foie Gras 1:49:31 Olive Wagyu" from the video introduction

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