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A Chat With Our Chancellor: Dr. John MacArthur Speaks on Feature Film, “The Essential Church”

A Chat With Our Chancellor

"In this inaugural episode of TMU’s new podcast launching later this fall, host Sam Greer interviews Dr. John MacArthur on “The Essential Church.” This feature-length documentary explores the history of governmental clashes with the church, including events surrounding Grace Community Church in recent years. Learn more about the film at' from video introduction

The Essential Church Official Trailer

Video from Grace Productions

"After months of hard work and dedication, we are proud to present the official trailer for our film! Please share the trailer with your friends, family and on your social media and be sure to tag us. We are grateful for your continued support! The Essential Church documentary tells the story of Grace Community Church’s struggle against the County and State of California. Mandated restrictions cause the church to close its doors indefinitely. The church congregation led by Pastor John MacArthur takes a courageous stand and re-opens its doors. Amid health and political uncertainty, the church files a lawsuit to protect their God-given rights. Facing fines and jail time, the church learns what is truly at stake. This feature-length documentary explores the struggle between Church and government throughout history. This story takes us to multiple countries and uncovers those who have sacrificed their lives for what they believe in. Journey with us as we rediscover why the Church is essential and how we prove that our stand remains true from a scientific, legal, and most importantly a Biblical perspective." from video introduction

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