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A "Great Spiritual Awakening" Will Save America Not Violent Revolution!

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

The god's of the Land

Like Israel of old we have started worshipping the god's of the land. These sins have defiled the Source of our blessings to the harm and detriment of many and the alteration and degradation of our national character.

America has never been in any way portrayed in scripture as the New Israel. Nor have we ever been a Christian nation, that is a myth not supported by facts. We are in fact a nation ruled over by the Father of Lies, Satan. Our current moral decline and disregard for life speaks for itself.

Many people, some Christians have recently sought to save America through a cult of personality (Trump), through revolution filtered through fantasies like Qanon and the self-righteous and often evil groups like The Oath Keepers etc.

These are all efforts of men apart for God, they will fail, they will harm and destroy.

Everything is spiritual one way or another.

God desires that the good news of his Kingdom be spread across the globe.

To do that God's church, The Body of Christ must be allowed the freedom and have the maturity to faithfully lead people to Christ here and around the world. If the church is unhealthy, if the church fails so does the nation.

We are a coddled people and Christians by and large seem to have become weak and self-serving.

When God led Moses into the wilderness and ultimately received a covenant from God, He made it clear that if they worshipped the gods of the Canaanites thy would become like them and God would discipline them.

I think most of us can agree that America is worshipping the gods of the Canaanites.

A "Great Awakening" will not be produced by anything we can do only Christ and the Holy Spirit can bring this about when the peoples hearts are ready.

Is your heart ready? Are you worshipping the gods and men of Canaan?

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