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A Key to Re-Enchantment: The Porous Self vs the Buffered Self - Michael Legaspi & Jonathan Pageau

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

A Key to Re-Enchantment: The Porous Self vs the Buffered Self

"Watch the full version: Subjectivity and the Psalms | with Michael Legaspi: • Subjectivity and ... " Dr. Michael Legaspi is an Associate Professor of the Old Testament at Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. In this discussion, we explore the Psalms and the question of subjectivity, perception, the soul, memory, participation, and attention." from video introduction

Dr. Michael Legaspi

"Raised as a Roman Catholic, I attended Protestant churches as a teenager and young adult. Years of persistent questions and quiet dissatisfaction prompted me to inquire into the nature and identity of the ancient Christian church. I made my way to the works of the Church Fathers, but it was the writings of contemporary authors, especially Fr. Alexander Schmemann, that first opened my eyes to the beauty, richness, and truth of Orthodoxy. My family began attending an Antiochian Orthodox Church (St. John Chrysostom in York, PA), and we were received into the Church by chrismation in 2004. Since that time, we have been a part of parishes representing several jurisdictions, not only Antiochian but also Greek, Russian, and OCA churches as well. My wife, Abby, and I have four grown children: Josiah, Sister Glykeria, Ana, and Cato.

Educational and Professional Background

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins, I focused on languages with the goal of becoming a professor of biblical studies. At that time, I began my study of Hebrew and Greek, while also studying French and German. After graduation, I taught world history and Bible at the secondary level for four years. In 1999, I began doctoral studies at Harvard University, pursuing a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.." from the article: Dr. Michael Legaspi

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