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A Old Man's Advice - Bernard Albertson

Video from Bernard Albertson

A Old Man's Advice

Bernard Albertson was an American author and YouTuber. He wrote many books in his lifetime and became a YouTuber with "An old man's advice" becoming a popular video.

Early Life

Albertson was reportedly born in Indiana in 1938, although no exact date is known. Childhood experiences such as being stuck in a snowstorm caused inspiration for later books. In 1954, he got his first job at a Shell gas station, in Silvester, California. He was only 16 when he started, and he worked 90 hours a week, paid $1 per hour. At the time, he lived in a car near his work. According to Albertson in 2015, had to bathe in the gas station restroom regularly. He was also forced to resort to stealing apples from a nearby grocery store.

In tenth grade, Albertson dropped from high school, an athlete.

Albertson later joined the Coast Guard and Army, but was discharged.

At this time, he considered changing his life. He bought a book, Western, by Louis L'Amour, and learned to read better.

He developed an interest for writing, and moved to Indianapolis.

Family Life

After moving to Indianapolis, he married his wife, and had his first two children, Lisa and David Albertson.

He later returned to California.

He then had another daughter, Anna Lee Albertson. He later had two other children, Beth Ann and Jason.

He returned to Indiana once again, and he and his wife started successful businesses by 1972.

Later in that year, his wife became ill with cancer at age 31.

Their businesses soon after failed.

Albertson later started a gutter cleaning business, for $2.50 per hour.

In 1980, his wife died from colon cancer at age 39.

Following this, he worked first as a silversmith, and then in security at General Motors from 1977 to 1992.

In 1992, at age 53, Albertson retired.

Spiritual Life

By 1992, Albertson went into ministry in Plainfield, Indiana.

Albertson worked at the Catholic Church there until 2004.

According to Albertson, many asked for his prayers, and he considered it "honorable".

In this time, Albertson wrote many Christian children's books.

Years of study allowed for Albertson to write various books about the books of the Bible.

Albertson's daughter, Anna Lee, passed away from the same cancer as her mother in an unknown year.

Anna reportedly heard God say "You are Loved" while taking a shower.

After her death, Bernard heard her voice years later when mowing his lawn. After this, he undoubtedly knew there was a heaven.

Late Life and Passing

In 2019, Albertson reportedly had severe health issues, and required rehab later on.

On July 10, 2020, he passed away from an unidentified cause of death at age 82.

He had earlier stated, however, that he enjoyed his adventurous, honorable life.


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  • So You Think There Is No Santa Claus (2000)

  • Nancy Chrisman Weliever, Indiana Woman (2002)

  • Angry Angel (2005)

  • Copper Penny (2015)

  • The Life And Visions Of The Prophet Ezekiel (2015)

  • The Revelation To John (2017)

  • God's Early Prophets: Joel And Amos (2017)

  • Ricco Gonzalas And The Big Cats On Panther Mountain: The Twins And Jeremy And The Goose (2017)

  • Jesus Arrested and Crucified (2017)

  • Daniel's Amazing Life, His Strength, His Faith, His God (2017)

  • Grandfather Beezerwitts And His Big Red Balloon: & Emily's Pond (2017)

  • A Widow's Courage (2018)

  • Saint Mark (2018)

  • Genesis: His Masterpiece In Six Days (2018)

  • Saint Luke: His Walk And Writings Of Christ (2018)

  • Matthew (2018)

  • Saint John (2018)

  • Hosea, Prophet Of God: A Good and Godly Man (2018).." from the article: Bernard Albertson


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