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A Pleasure Loving Body Corrupts The Soul - Father Spyridon

Video from Father Spyridon

A Biblical Theology of Pleasure

God could have made all nutritious food taste like sawdust and given us an irresistible urge to eat it anyway. And while some allegedly nutritious food does taste like sawdust, the truth is most of it tastes good, at least to some people. While nutritious mud-burgers and healthy sawdust salads—devoured by an irresistible survival instinct—could have been our daily fare, they are not. This says something wonderful about the One who made us.

God invented taste buds, and 10 million different flavors to go with them. The incredible pleasure of taste bears witness both that God is and that he is good (Acts 14:17).." from the article: A Biblical Theology of Pleasure

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