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Helping People We Don't Know - Blessing Boys

There was a time in our nation when we would go help people we did not know in our community.

That is not the case today in general. There are however still many communities that have people in them that help their neighbors, even people they do not know.

The Blessing Boys are a father and sons team that goes around their community are does lawn care for people who cannot do it or cannot afford to pay to have it done.

this is an example of Christlikeness.

Have you done anything for someone in need within your sphere of influence lately?

She BROKE DOWN in TEARS when she found out it was FREE!

Video from Blessing Boys

Helping People We Don't Know - Blessing Boys

"Hey this is Justin from the Blessing Boys and this yard caught our attention immediately when driving past because of how overgrown it was. I thought to myself surely no one lives there but to my surprise when I walked up to the house there was a man standing on the front porch. He was skeptical at first because we don’t charge anything but then opened up and told me about his medical issues that won’t allow him to keep up with the yard. He said he has gotten multiple warnings from the city so we are going to get this property back in decent shape for everyone around. Now about halfway through the yard his sister came home whom he lives with and was extremely thankful, but then when she found out we were not going to charge them she broke down in tears. That was the highlight of our day so make sure you stick around for that and the before and after pictures of this transformation." from the video introduction

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