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A Radio Church In 1922

There is much we take for granted in our day of pervasive technology. It was not that long ago that people were desperate to hear a sermon and when radio began to spread throughout America God's word was also communicated to the lost.

Video from The1920sChannel

A Radio Church In 1922

Broadcasting the Gospel

"Some Christians thought the new technology of radio was the devil's tool, but Paul Rader turned it into a successful evangelistic medium.

quick scan of the radio dial anywhere in the United States will almost certainly find an evangelical Christian singing, preaching, or talking. Focus on the Family airs on over 2,000 radio outlets, and the preaching of John MacArthur, Charles Swindoll, and the late J. Vernon McGee is broadcast thousands of times each day around the world.

In addition to these nationally known "radio preachers," countless local church pastors broadcast their sermons weekly or head down to the local station to pray or answer questions from callers. But this is certainly not a recent phenomenon. Evangelicals have been active in radio since it first dawned on the American scene.." from the article: Broadcasting the Gospel


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