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A Scared Space in Our Home

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Table, bible and other books
Table with Bible and other books for study

This is my Sacred Space in part of our living room. Even your favorite chair can become a scared space where you can enjoy the Lord.

As Christians we don’t leave our faith at church when we leave on Sunday. If we are truly living a Gospel centered life we will read scripture and pray, daily. Christ will be on our hearts and minds all the time. Life is busy and we do the best we can yet we must make our Lord the most important person in our lives. The danger of becoming a Luke-warm Christian or a functional atheist is all too real.

Sacred spaces act as more than simply passive reminders as they may inspire other members of the family to use the space and revisit their relationship with God after watching someone they love do this regularly. Children may become more interested in their faith or their parents’ faith if they have a special place to practice it.

There is nothing unchristian about having a home altar or sacred space. It is a place meant for prayer and quality Christian worship. It is a place for reading Scripture and prayer. There is no idolatry in deciding to have a space in a busy house that is deliberately constructed to allow a devout Christian a few moments alone with God. There is a defiance of secular culture in the deliberate choice to set valuable space in the home aside for a person to be with God. People rarely make enough time for God these days, so it may be a welcome change to have a sacred space that is meant exclusively for the Lord.


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